How Recycling Can Save You Money

Recycling seems like a lot of work right? But maybe it seems a little more enticing if you could get something in return? How about some Dough to put away for that new big screen TV?

Some states like, Michigan, California, and Vermont, there is incentive to recycle by getting a monetary compensation for turning in their materials. It won’t make you rich at five cents a can – but it can give you some extra spending cash for gas if you drink a lot of bottled or canned beverage products. Secondly, running a waste management facility is super expensive. There are a lot of bells and whistles (although you wouldn’t necessarily think so) required to keep operations running smoothly and effectively. A recycling facility, however, is much more cost-efficient than waste management deciding to dump in a landfill or incinerate trash. Lastly, U.S. companies save money by being a part of a recycling program. The more people recycle, the less companies have to spend to sell their products, and thus the less goods will cost. In theory, of course.