Gaylords are a better option than plastic bins – Here’s why!

If you are a company that stores recyclables, you may not be aware of the best solution to store all your products. The most common ways to store recyclables are in either Gaylord boxes or plastic bins. Gaylord boxes are hefty corrugated containers, sometimes referred to as pallet boxes or bulk boxes. Here’s why we recommend storing your recyclables in Gaylord boxes, rather than expensive plastic bins:

Why to use Gaylord boxes for storing recyclables:

  • Gaylord boxes ship folded flat and banded to a pallet, Ultimately making them easy to store until neededGB41- stacked gaylord boxes.
  • Used Gaylord boxes are inexpensive and easy to replace which can help you save money.
  • They are recyclable and light-weight
  • Gaylord Boxes are available in many thicknesses up to 8 corrugated layers, and there are several different options for sizes
  • Gaylord Boxes are made to be extremely sturdy therefore they can hold dense materials in large quantities, maximizing your space needs.

ALA Recycling has a variety of Gaylord boxes in our inventory and we offer new or used Gaylord Boxes! Contact us at 617-332-3280 or request a quote online.