Portland, ME

New & Used Gaylord Boxes in Portland, Maine

With more than 3478 miles of coastline and the best lobster in the United States, Portland Maine also has many Used Gaylord Box Options.  Whether you need 50 Gaylords or a full truckload ALA Recycling has an extensive inventory to choose from. 

In the 25 plus years that ALA Recycling has been in business we have made alliances with many trucking brokers to ensure the BEST prices on freight. That along with the many options on Gaylord boxes we will always offer the quickest and most efficient Gaylord for your needs.

Please check out our current Inventory here or simply fill out our Quote request and one of our agents will contact you. If you need immediate assistance call us at 617-332-3280 we look forward to speaking with you.