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Do you need Gaylord boxes but cringe at the thought of buying your boxes brand new? Buying Gaylord boxes secondhand is not only good for the environment, but it also cuts down on costs for you. At ALA Recycling Industries, we not only sell used Gaylord boxes, but we also buy your previously used Gaylord boxes. Get in contact with us today regarding your Gaylord box needs.

What Are Gaylord Boxes?

Gaylord boxes are durable and sturdy cardboard boxes made from corrugated cardboard. These boxes are made from several combined layers of cardboard, which gives the box more strength and longevity. These boxes are popular choices for storage and transport. Gaylord boxes usually come in large sizes, holding up to 1,000–3,000 lbs. and match the dimensions of a pallet.

Where Can I Buy Used Gaylord Boxes?

When you need Gaylord boxes, come to ALA Recycling Industries. We offer high-quality boxes at affordable prices. Our inventory includes a range of sizes and strengths. Thanks to our streamlined system of buying and selling used Gaylord boxes, we are able to maximize recycling revenues and minimize your expenses.

How Can I Recycle My Gaylord Boxes?

If you have used Gaylord boxes you need to get rid of so you can clear up some space, bring them into ALA Recycling Industries. We buy and sell used Gaylord boxes, and we welcome the opportunity to take your used boxes off your hands. You’ll be compensated for your boxes, and we’ll find another place for them where they can be used and appreciated.

How Can I Get a Quote?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell Gaylord boxes, get in touch with ALA Recycling Industries to get started. You can call us at 617-332-3280 or get in touch with us via email at You can also get a quote by filling out our online quote form.