Mixed Rag Recycling

ALA Recycling Industries has the knowledge and capabilities to provide your company with the most effective textile waste recycling program to maximize all of your textile recycling revenues.

  • Mixed Rags
  • Thrift store clothing recycling

Mixed rag recycling, used clothing recycling ALA Recycling Industries will handle the collection, processing, and recycling of all grades of used clothing, and mixed rags.

Mixed rag is a category of clothing which is generated from thrift/second hand stores that was not sold. Most times clothing will still have store tag on it, commonly packed in large bales or kept loose. Graders will than take these mixed rags as a raw material for sorting.

The textile waste we recycle include but are not limited to the following:

  • Used Clothing
  • Institutional used clothing
  • Unsold Thrift store clothing

The ALA Advantage for Mixed Rag Recycling.

recycling mixed rags, unsold thrift store clothing recycling

  • We move your used clothing, and mixed rag recycling from source to the textile recycling mills to maximize your revenue.
  • We provide balers, containers and spotted trailers for your used clothing, and mixed rag recycling needs.
  • We provide reliable trailers and haulers for the transportation of your used clothing, and mixed rag recycling
  • We can handle the fast pace and volume of all the used clothing, and mixed rag recycling that is generated by your company.