DOT Inspections Causing Decrease in Freight Flow

Found it hard to get a shipment moved in the last couple of weeks? DOT inspection sprees have been taking a major toll on freight flow – making it tricky to get shipments delivered in a timely fashion. Inspections between June 3-5 caused more than 20% of all trucks to remain off the road to avoid the 1,500 inspection points across the US. These inspections have been conducted annually since 1988, so each year we can anticipate 10,000 inspectors to be out with their checklists stopping all trucks and buses. In these summer months it’s best to place your order in advance, or when you anticipate running low on inventory, to allow extra time for shipment. Below you’ll see a current truckload capacity map – the darker areas being very saturated with loads and very few trucks to move them. This ratio of loads to trucks causes’ freight prices to skyrocket and makes it very difficult to secure a truck for shipment. We want to give you the best deal possible on our Gaylord boxes, and in these summer months when we expect freight capacity to be tight – the more time for shipment, the better!

capacity map