Gaylord Boxes and Halloween a perfect match

You already know some of the great uses of Gaylord Boxes, from packing, to moving, to storing but did you know they can make great Halloween costumes too 🙂 That’s right; get your used or new Gaylord box now and transform into a robot, a cow girl and everything in between.

We carry so many shapes and sizes of Gaylord boxes you can make an entire train, from locomotive to caboose with octagon, rectangular and various thicknesses.

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  • Availability. New and used Gaylord Boxes available
  • A variety of sizes from 48x40x22 to 48x40x58 Gaylord Box Sizes
  • Full or partial bottoms
  • Wall thicknesses ranging from single wall to five wall
  • Rectangular or octagonal shapes
  • Weight capacities from 1,000 to over 5,000 lbs

Whether you are buying or selling new or used Gaylord Boxes, contact us at 617-332-3280 for a prompt and competitive quote and make someone’s Halloween spectacular.

Just think what you could do with a Gaylord Box this Halloween if you had some.

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