Looking to save space? Looking to reduce waste?

We’re in a world now where we’re constantly looking to reduce waste and save space – our solution to this problem? Gaylord boxes. Serving multiple purposes, Gaylord boxes are a great way to safely store and transport recyclables. Another great characteristic of these Gaylord boxes is that they come in many different sizes and shapes, making them easily tailored to any job. Have something big and bulky? Go with an octagonal box with 5 walls! Looking for a space saver in a tight warehouse? Go with the traditional square gaylord and stack them! Point is, whatever you need to store or whatever you need to transport – we have a Gaylord Box for you!

Now you’re asking; where should you go to get your Gaylord boxes? Check out our inventory page! We have a huge inventory to suit your specific needs, and with warehouses across the county – we’re never out to reach! With ALA Recycling’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service, your Gaylord purchasing experience will be easy and effortless. Give us a call today to check out all the ways we can help with your waste or storage needs!