ALA Recycling Services proudly serving the Dallas area.

Recycling Dallas, Gaylord Boxes Dallas Texas


With 20 years of experience in nine cities across the country, ALA Recycling Industries can offer you premier service as a recycling processor, dealer and consultant. ALA Recycling can maximize your company’s recycling profits by designing a recycling program tailored to your unique needs. We buy and sell all grades of scrap, allowing you to turn waste into profit in an expedient and professional manner. Services offered by ALA Recycling industries include:

  • Plastic recycling can be dealt with by our own reliable transportation and haulers within the Dallas area. This includes all grades of plastic recycling, from soda bottles to tiles to film scrap.
  • Paper recycling of all types can be efficiently handled by ALA Recycling within the Dallas area. This includes everything from office paper to scrap paper to magazines.
  • Book recycling services within the Dallas area are available. This includes both hard and soft cover books such as obsolete computer manuals, old text books or any type of magazine.
  • Buying and selling used and new Gaylord Boxes within the Dallas area. These boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, are about the same size as a standard pallet, and can generally hold between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds.
  • Credential clothing and mixed rags can be recycled by ALA recycling services as well. This may include; used clothing, credential used clothing, mixed rags, institutional used clothing, and scrap textile waste.
  • Electronic scrap recycling needs can be handled by ALA in a way that is in certifiable compliance with Dallas e-waste regulations.
  • Precious metal recycling and recovery are amongst the expert services that ALA has to offer. ALA can restore precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium and guarantees competitive prices for the Dallas area.
  • Scrap metal can also be efficiently transported and processed to be recycled by ALA Recycling Industries